E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce Stores

PCJ HOLDING's 10 E-Commerce Sites are now a fashion hub that is being used progressively to selling its members product. Designers are categorized by country and type of product they design. As a first time visitor, you might have a surprise waiting for you at one of these sites, go a head, start your visit.

is our fashion competition site whose primary objective is to promote fashion and haute-couture talents. The Grand Winner wins a bonus and is offered a contract with our high-end and haute-couture subsidiary; the other participants are not left out either and are offered necessary support to make the most of our e-commerce services.

is an e-commerce site of clothing articles for Women, Men, Children and Teenagers for European customers between 2 and 40 years old. It also offers a wide enough range of beauty items and accessories (including handbags, sunglasses...) to suit all occasions.

is our second e-commerce site selling clothing, accessories, and beauty items for a North American clientele between 2 and 40 years old. This site is suitable for a clientele looking for clothing items and accessories with a good quality/price ratio.

is our online store for men's clothing. Teenagers and young adults (16 to 20 years old) as well as mature men (20 to 35 years old). The gentlemen will find, on this site, suits, t-shirts, and other male clothing items as well as accessories such as belts and gloves, jeans dedicated to them.

is a website selling clothing items exclusively to a clientele of teenage girls and young adult women (between 16 and 20 years old) and mature women (between 21 and 40 years old). Our female clientele will obviously find clothes such as dresses or shoes, but also accessories such as scarves or jewelery.

Cocktails & Eveningwear : This is the site that dresses you for special occasions, formal events, and weddings. You now can stop renting that gown or tuxedo to mesmerize your friends and loved ones for that one in a lifetime evening. This site makes it easier for you to own a formal wardrobe to be used for all occasions, not just special ones, but business cocktails, weddings, award ceremonies, and concerts, you name it, you will have it at your disposal anytime.

Folks Sportwear : The site that brings home all your sporting goods and equipment to make your favorite sport activity much easier to do. You often have thought a classic gym is the perfect place to exercise and practice, now you have the option of building you home gym or equip yourself with all the necessary tools and accessories to go exercise correctly.

Wonderworld : This site will amaze the new parents, children and those whose close family members have just given birth. This site broadens the scope of parents on dressing up their little ones. It provides a wide range of clothing line from 0 to 3 years; from 3 to 6 years and from 6 to 10 years, a joy to parents who love shopping at one place, and therefore do not have to browse endlessly different sites to find compatible products for their kids.

XL Fashion Trends : This is the site where women and men plus size are celebrated in all their forms and curves. We showcase a variety of brands designed especially for those who feel at ease and comfortable with their body and height. This site goes even further than what other online stores have gone before by presenting models, fashion designers, tailors and seamstresses that have dedicated their life to developing and designing different clothing line for women and men plus size.

We reinvent the way people view fashion as trends of the past have never been totally gone or forgotten. You will always find with our collections a mixture of the past and present to bring forth the best possible trends


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