JC Stores

JC Stores

PCJ MARKETING & WEBMEDIA COMMUNICATION COMPANY OPERATES through PCJ HOLDING 11 JC online clothing stores. These are specialized stores that sell a variety of products for all genders, age, size, and height. Come on over and visit our stores.

is a line of clothing brand for teenagers and young adults between 12 and 25 years old. These clothes made by our designers aim to satisfy a trendy clientele wanting to have high quality items following the current trends.

is one of our luxury brands targeting a European clientele of women and men (21 to 45 years old) looking for good quality clothing items for their professional& personal needs. They will find good quality suits made by our designers, but also shoes, ties, and other accessories for their clothing needs.

our second luxury brand aims at providing to a demanding and attention to details clientele all its clothing and accessories needs on the North American continent.

is a brand for a demanding clientele looking for very high-quality custom-made products. Some of our best Fashion Designers make these products that require extensive knowledge in high end fashion. Our luxury lines provide high quality products, sustainable fashion sources that respect our environment and human decency.

It is a clothing line streetwear brand, hip pop style, rock n roll and biker trends for all audiences (Women, Men, Children and Teenagers) from 14 to 26 years old. This site is made for a particular clientele looking for the above described styles and trends to remain casual, while identifying themselves with these outfits. Most of these youngsters, while searching for a very specific look, they want to wear good quality products that would last. This site also offers accessories associated with this Hip-Hop culture such as caps or jewelry.

is our high end casual brand in terms of affordability with a clientele that wants to wear the JC brand. It provides a collection containing practically everything from pants, shirts, jeans, shorts and shoes, underwear, jackets, and accessories for men, skirts, blouse, top, jeans, shorts, shoes, underpants, jackets, and accessories for women. Those who want to wear JC Broadway Collection will also find the same articles as described above for teenagers ranging from 13-18 years old.

JC Big & Tall : JC Clothing brands has created this new brand to join in the family of JC brands, a worldwide known family of brands that has pleased and attracted so many eyes lately. This site has retained fully devoted fashion designers to research and design the most attractive trends for men plus size and height to complete the JC family of brands.

JC Formalwear : This site brings forth the trendiest designs of formal wear. JC Family of brands has created a separate site for every gender, trend, and clothing needs; and therefore, could not have ignored the needs of those who spend a great deal of time going to special events. This site embraces and welcomes you into the world of glitz and glamour, and features some of the best pieces to be worn in all special occasions.

JC Sports : This site features everything that someone needs to be well equipped to exercise at a classic gym or home gym. JC Sports has not only retained specialized designers to create trendy outfit for the occasion but also has used models to try those on the field, doing exercises at a gym to stretch them, and determine their tolerance to certain environment and stress. When you equip yourself with JC Sports, you get products that last.

JC Voluptuous : Another site that celebrates women curves and forms within JC Clothing Brands. This site was created in parallel to JC Big & Tall but essentially for women, where designated fashion designers and stylist were brought in to create unprecedented design to mesmerize and glorify a very important segment of our clientele.

JC Kids : JC Kids is another brand which JC Brands has created with pride. This site brings about a whole new way for parents to dress their little ones. The difference between JC Kids and many other children’s sites is our genuine effort to satisfy both parents and the kids in using our products. Our social responsibility towards the youngest generation is a lifetime commitment, we stand behind the origin of our products, the environment in which those were produced and by whom.

We reinvent the way people view fashion as trends of the past have never been totally gone or forgotten. You will always find with our collections a mixture of the past and present to bring forth the best possible trends


276 5th Avenue,
New York, NY 10001.