International Expansion (NewsFlash)

International expansion

JC HOLDING a subsidiary of the PCJ Marketing & Web Media Communication Company Group,is expanding beyond its previously limited boundaries.In fact, since the year 2018 the company has modestly expanded internationally by acquiring shares of the online clothing site from the "New Fashion Group" lebel in canada and has become the label's majority sharesholder.At the end of 2018, the company conceived the idea of creating an international competition of fashion designers in 8 countries, which was then extended to 12 countries.The Competition is now scheduled for autumn 2021,with the selection phases in August 2021

In 2020, the company also started the design and conception of 5 different brands to develope online clothing for men, women, teenagers, and young adults.Among these 5 newly designed brands,we want to develope one exclusively for young people of both genders who dress in a "rock'n roll" way,very casual,blase, and posh at the same time.This brand, despite its style, will retain the reputation of a label for high quality product from sustainable development channels; teenagers and young adults are increasingly aware of the environment and the origin of the products.

We have also implemented an online presence capability for our company in 22 countries, while giving people in those countries the opportunity to understand the message of our sites and thus choosing their products in the language of their country. We felt that when exploring international markets, it would be important to make consumers in those countries understand that we want to offer products in their own language to make it easier for them to understand our standards and what they can expect of us. This approach would not be complete without a constant and appropriate presence on social networks. To do so, we have also implemented a platform with each social media network for our nineteen (19) sites to inform and connect through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, resulting in a total of 1,320 platforms that will keep our customers around the world informed.

We have also opened phisical offices internationally to be closer to our customers and respond to their needs more quicly. To do so, we have opened offices in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina and added additional offices in the United State. FEDEX and DHL are transport companies that we offer in addition to UPS to deliver our customers' orders.

In early 2020, we decided to create a Marketing and Communications department to better serve our needs locally, nationally, and internationally. When we decided to conceive the idea of launching our own clothing brands, it was obvious for us to have our own staff specialized in marketing and communications to be independent from external providers. To make this part of our group profitable, we also offer our marketing and communication services to external companies.

Finally, the company has decided to subsidize the participants of the competition for this first edition in 2022. This idea came to us after seeing the sacrifices and dedication that thousands of designers, fashion designers, and other industry professionals have made to support theri communities by mass-producing masks to help protect those who did not have one against Covid-19.It was an unforgettable gesture on their part, when many did not even have a job or a professional career; nevertheless, they found themselves producing these masks for the protection of all of us to fight this virus.

The above paragraphs represent our agenda with actions that we will take to achieve our endeavors. Nevertheless, PCJ Holding, a subsidiary of PCJ Marketing & Webmedia Communication, will only be able to do so with the participation of its associates and collaborators whom we consider an integral part of our family.

We reinvent the way people view fashion as trends of the past have never been totally gone or forgotten. You will always find with our collections a mixture of the past and present to bring forth the best possible trends


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