Within PCJ HOLDING, a subsidiary of PCJ Marketing & Webmedia Communication Company and each of its affiliates or commercial entities, our corporate philosophy guides each of our projects and each of our actions. Three pillars are at the heart of what we do every day: the well-being of our employees, sustainability, and quality.

Well-being of our employees

Well-being of our employees by fighting against all forms of discrimination within our group, whatever it may be (based on race, religion, gender, skin color, etc.). The know-how of our employees and recognition is certainly very important; well-being also comes through the respect and acceptance of each person's differences. We believe that respect for each person's individuality allows for collective well-being. Training and preventive actions are implemented to detect any anomaly in this area and correct it.


Sustainability through the implementation of measures that promote greater respect for the environment. Not only are we implementing measures to reduce our consumption of raw materials and fossil fuels, we are also implementing measures to secure supply chains for products from "sustainable" sources (respect for natural resources, no GMO materials, etc.) and short circuits.


Quality by the choice of good quality raw materials (and respectful of the environment as indicated above), by the commitment of our teams to make you products of very good quality, by the internal control of our manufacturing and safety procedures.

We reinvent the way people view fashion as trends of the past have never been totally gone or forgotten. You will always find with our collections a mixture of the past and present to bring forth the best possible trends


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