What We Do

What We Do

Our ambition is to meet the increasing demands of a clientele that knows exactly what clothes they want to wear or not. Today, the public is more and more attentive to the environmental and social impacts of their clothing; we note that consumers are cautious and no longer accept products whose origin is doubtful, or which do not respect human and working conditions. What we do is simply respect the will of our customers by providing them with high quality products that are more concerned about the environmental and social impact. It is therefore evident for us to offer clothing items that not only preserve the planet but also honour the will of our customers.

We do not just want to sell high quality and environmentally conscious clothing items as this trend is practiced nowadays by many reputable fashion houses. What we want to add to the equation is the exceptional creativity of our designers, our responsibility towards our customers in terms of their total satisfaction and our constant evolution over time.

We reinvent the way people view fashion as trends of the past have never been totally gone or forgotten. You will always find with our collections a mixture of the past and present to bring forth the best possible trends


1201 North Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801